Warning – Shaky Hands Before Eating is a Symptom of Diabetes and Low Blood Sugar

Feb 6, 2023 | Lysulin News

If you have shaky hands and feel not able to concentrate before lunch no matter if you had a snack after breakfast we can suspect you are suffering of reactive hypoglycemia you can just be in the initial phase, and this can just be an annoying crash but if not treated, this condition is just going to get worse. Here we are going to see how to stabilize your blood sugar levels to help you avoid those crashes.

Commonly hypoglycemia occurs due to adrenal fatigue, adrenal glands produce cortisol and with these not working properly we got lowered blood cortisol. The liver has to work harder to convert glycogen into blood sugar, during stress insulin levels are increased because the cells demand more energy, and without the right cortisol levels to elevate the blood sugar levels the increased demand is impossible to meet.

People suffering of adrenal fatigue when even under mild stress like an argument at work can not produce the increased demand for blood glucose as a result of the fatigued adrenals unable to cope with the cortisol needed , increasing the insulin at the same time that the demand of glucose is increasing, setting the stage for tragedy.

You can not treat diabetes low blood sugar with coffee and sweet snacks, this only throws your body into a constant roller coaster ride trough the day, at the end you just going to fell exhausted without having done anything. Is like driving with the brakes and flooring the accelerator at the same time.

More than sixty percent of people with diabetes low blood sugar go on to become diabetics!

You can be in the other side of the fence with an hypoglycemia diet while treating your adrenal glands and in less than 3 months you can improve remarkably.

Source by Bill Raporv Yam