A Manufacturer of Industrial Machines, Systems and Plants for Advanced Composites, Building Products and Pulp & Paper Since 1917

Staff Contact

24 Hr. Emergency Contact.
Dave Erickson, Parts Manager,
Phone. 253.225.0021  /  Email. davee@globemachine.com

Accounts Payable.
Debbie Gilchrist, Accounts Payable
Phone. 253.722.0368  /  Fax. 253-572-9672
Email. ap@globemachine.com

Advanced Composites
Jim Martin, Director, Advanced Composites Equipment
Phone. 518.369.5701  /  Email. jimm@globemachine.com

Harshad Shah, Director Product & Process Development
Phone. 253.316.2271  /  Email. harshads@globemachine.com

Building Products.
Mike Tart, Sales Manager
Phone. 253.229.0142  /  Email. miket@globemachine.com

Paul Phillips, Business Unit Manager
Phone. 318.957.0853  /  Email. paulp@globemachine.com

 Burelbach Industries.
Ron Jacobson, Vice President
Phone. 253.732.7103  /  Fax. 253-383-4827
Email. ronj@globemachine.com

Custom Manufacturing / Offsite Construction.
Ron Jacobson, Vice President
Phone. 253.732.7103  /  Email. ronj@globemachine.com

Robert Law, Technical Engineering Director
Phone. 253.620.4712  /  Email. robertl@globemachine.com

John Hazlehurst, Mechanical Engineering Manager
Phone. 253.331.3182  /  Email. johnh@globemachine.com

Bob Rhodes, Senior Controls Engineer
Phone. 253.620.4702  /  Fax. 253-383-4827
Email. bobr@globemachine.com
Email. engineering@globemachine.com

Varinder Rai, Chief Financial Officer
Phone. 253.620.4714
Email. varinderr@globemachine.com

General Inquiries.
Laura Shane, Corporate Secretary
Phone. 253.620.4711  /  Fax. 253-572-9672
Email. sales@globemachine.com

Machine Sales
Cal Bamford, President  /  Phone. 253.383.2584
Ron Jacobson, Vice President  /  Phone. 253.732.7103
Email. sales@globemachine.com
Email. sales@burelbach.com

Terry Larson, Maintenance Manager,
Phone. 253.433.7004  /  Email. maintenance@globemachine.com

Marketing and Social Media.
Samuel Martinez, Social Media Coordinator
Phone. 253.620.4707  /  Email. samuelm@globemachine.com

Parts Department.
Dave Erickson, Parts Manager
Phone. 253.260.4706  /  Fax 253-383-4827

Cynthia Penson, Parts Sales Assistant  /  Phone. 253.722.0371
Email. cynthiap@globemachine.com
Email. Partsteam@globemachine.com
Email. Partsales@burelbach.com

Pulp & Paper.
Paul Dalietos, Business Unit Manager  /  Phone. 253.278.8026

Steve Jonas, Sales Manager  /  Phone. 904.874.7935
Email. pauld@globemachine.com
Email. stevej@globemachine.com

Purchasing Department.
Janice Oster, Senior Buyer  /  Phone. 253.620.4716

Tim Peterson, Senior Buyer
Phone. 253.620.4732  /  Fax. 253-272-3255
Email. purchasing@globemachine.com

Robotic Automation.
Jerry North, Business Unit Manager
Phone. 253.335.4003  /  Email. jerryn@globemachine.com

Service Department.
Randy Colerick, Service Department Manager
Office. 253.620.4703  /  Cell. 253.691.0981
Email. customersupport@globemachine.com

Jack Folkner, Field Service Technician,
Phone. 253.722.0370  /  Email. jackf@globemachine.com

Jay Leckrone Field Service Technician
Phone. 253.620.4733  /  Email. jayl@globemachine.com

Lee Severson, Field Service Technician
Phone. 253.433.7005  /  Email. lees@globemachine.com

Shipping and Receiving.
Nathan Chiles, Warehouse Manager  /  Phone. 253.620.4726
Email. nathanc@globemachine.com
Email. shippingreceiving@globemachine.com

Rick Guinn, Manager of Operations
Phone. 253.722.0377  /  Email. rickg@globemachine.com
WebPress Fax. 253.722.0378
WebPress Parts. 253.620.4746