Glyconutrients and Blood Pressure

Feb 9, 2023 | Lysulin News

What are Glyconutrients’ From the Greek term “glyco” which means sweet, the literal translation of the word is “sweet nutrients.” Glyconutrients are touted to be an excellent food supplement; in fact some call it the “sugars that heal.” Scientific studies have discovered that the very foundations of life in the cells are formed by 8 simple dietary monosaccharides or sugars. Together with proteins and fats, these monosaccharides form glycoforms, a coat that covers every cell’s surface. The presence of these glycoforms ensures that the body is in good health.

Glyconutrients are excessively promoted these days as an excellent food supplement with a wide range of positive effects to human health including maintaining an optimum blood pressure level. Preventing high blood pressure is just one of the many health benefits that proponents of Glyconutrients claim. It is noted that glyconutrients are a source of soluble fibers that are transformed into helpful short chain fatty acids. These fibers have a wide spectrum of health benefits including regulating blood pressure.

Diet is very important in maintaining a healthful blood pressure level. That’s why there may be some truth that glyconutrients, as a dietary supplement can help maintain an optimal blood pressure level to avoid the complications of high or low blood pressure. Changing your diet can be complemented by taking glyconutrient food supplements.

Glyconutrients and other nutraceuticals are being widely distributed by various health supplement manufacturers and suppliers. Although the true effects of glyconutrients are still being researched and studied upon. It is important, however, to note that glyconutrients is not a panacea or cure-all that can treat diseases. It is simply a dietary supplement that can help people achieve a healthy body but must still be combined with good diet, exercise and a clean, healthy lifestyle.

Source by Eddie Tobey