Diabetic Diet – Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Feb 8, 2023 | Lysulin News

If you are diabetic then your body will not be producing enough insulin to correctly maintain the balance of sugar in the body. For this reason it is essential for anyone who suffers from diabetes to know what foods can lower the blood sugar levels. Typically it is suggested that a diet low in fat but high in fiber is best suited to people with diabetes. Also by eating smaller meals more often the glucose level in the body can be maintained more effectively.

To be able to lead a full life you will need to have the correct diet. The following products can all be consumed to help bring your blood sugar level down.

One of the best foods for people with diabetes are nuts. Though they contain a type of fat, it is not the unhealthy unsaturated variety. In fact they will also help to reduce your cravings and snacking habits. By reaching for a bag of peanuts or cashew nuts instead of a candy bar you will be having a positive effect on your condition rather than a negative one.

Cinnamon is a tasty spice that has a natural element which can reduce blood sugar levels. You can add cinnamon to a drink or sprinkle a covering over your dessert meals. For a healthy tonic why not make a tea with cinnamon and lemon juice. Apart from being high in Vitamin C, lemon also helps to lower the glycemic index of any food.

Avocado is another product that can be taken to reduce problems related to blood sugar. As with nuts it contains only healthy fat. Avocado can be eaten raw or it can make an excellent part of a salad or dip. Also, the high fiber content allows the body more time to absorb the sugar that is present.

Be warned that there are some foods and products which will have an effect opposite to what is desired. Carrots and potatoes are good examples. Though they do have many positive health benefits, they also are high in carbohydrate which will lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. You could opt for sweet potatoes instead of the traditional variety. These are high in anti oxidants and have a positive effect on the body’s insulin level. You can incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet in place of the regular kind. Though the taste is different they are not unpleasant.

It is not just vampires and mosquitoes that don’t like garlic. Garlic is also known to prevent a high blood sugar level. If you have any ailment relating to your blood, then garlic is one of the best substances you could take. It will not only cleanse the blood but also improve the circulation and efficiency at which the insulin level can be regulated.

As long as you understand the way in which diabetes affects us, then it should not be too difficult to implement the right changes to your diet. Remember that any hard work can easily be undone by occasionally eating unhealthy junk food. For the results to be effective you must stick to your new dietary regime.

Source by Julie Armstrong