5 Good Fruits For Diabetics to Reduce Blood Glucose

Feb 7, 2023 | Lysulin News

You can reduce blood glucose levels in the bloodstream by a triple formula which includes proper diet plan, daily exercise program, and Good Fruits for Diabetes. Many people may threaten you saying that eating fruits can elevate blood sugar when you are diabetic. It’s wrong as there are many fruits with low sugar which are really good for diabetes. Here we shall see a brief description of five fruits that are benefiting diabetics.

1. Apples

Many surveys have been made on ‘diabetes and fruits’ in which apples are given priority for considering their benefits for diabetics. The surveys are of strong view that apples are good fruits for diabetics. Many experiments have been conducted on ‘Apples for Diabetics’. They have established that the diabetics are experiencing a decrease in blood glucose sufficiently within 24 hours after consuming apples. Apples are good for reducing inflammation symptoms associated to diabetes and heart problems. The glycemic index of apples has been determined to be 38. This shows that apple fruits are good for diabetics.

2. Grapefruit

Grapefruits which have 25 as glycemic index are recommended for diabetics because they can naturally lower blood sugar levels. The ingredients of grapefruits are helping pancreas for boosting insulin production. If the fruits are fresh, the benefits can be seen amazingly great. However, consuming fruits in juice form is less benefitting than the whole fruits. If the diabetics are eating grapes with seeds and skin, the benefits may be doubled.

3. Oranges

Since Oranges are of 48 as glycemic index, they are highly recommended for diabetics to consume one orange on daily basis. Oranges are high in fiber and contain Vitamin C to control blood sugar levels. Oranges being a low fat snack help reduce body weight which is one of the risk factors of diabetes.

4. Guava

Guava fruits are usually a good source of pectin, a dietary fiber, that can help control blood sugar and they are available at cheap rate everywhere. Guava can be cut into pieces and you can eat as snack to lower sugars.

5. Bitter melon

It is true that whatever fruit you eat with bitter taste it is definitely to help you keep your blood sugar levels sufficiently at low measure. Bitter melon tops the list of fruits in this aspect to keep control of blood sugar in the blood stream. You know ‘SWEET’ is the enemy for diabetics. As the ingredients of bitter melon are zero in ‘sweet component’, you may choose to eat bitter melon daily to keep a check on sugar levels.

Source by Varadharajan R